White Glove Car Service Cost VS Uber / Taxi

As mentioned in a previous post. The average cost is $10.00 more in perfect driving conditions. Uber charges .35 a minute and Taxis something similar.

So if you run into snow, construction, rush hour, rain, concert traffic and sports traffic, now White Glove Car Service cost is the same if not cheaper because at White Glove Car Service the pricing is fixed. Uber and taxis make more money if they run into traffic. We do everything to avoid it and get you to where you’re going as quickly and safely as possible. Try White Glove Car Service once and you will see it’s a great value compared to the competitors.

Here a quick side by side comparison.

  • $45,000 vehicle VS $15,000
  • Suit VS Jeans
  • Leather VS Cloth
  • Clean VS Dirty
  • Can drink Alcohol VS Can’t drink Alcohol
  • Fixed Rate VS By the minute
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