The Strength of a Review

I wanted to point out and draw attention to one of my reviews.

If you are reading my reviews to see if you can count on great service, the one you want to pay attention to is the one from Greg Sullivan (Senior Vice President, Global Quality, Materials Process Delivery and Institutional Supply Chain)

Of course all referrals are important and valued– even the family that I drive one time a year for Spring Break.

As you will notice, several of my reviews are from Companies, meaning they are based off several runs and in some cases as it is with Ecolab hundreds of runs.

Please take a close look at Greg’s job title… His sole job for, a fortune 250 company with around 15 Billion in revenue, is to manage the Quality, Materials,processes, and Delivery of the supply chain on a Global scale.

Also, as Senior Vice President he reports to the Chief Officers. He is one level below them.

Greg is an expert in supply chain and has an eye for great partners for Ecolab. This is almost the highest ranking review a supplier can get in the Corporate world.

I completed over 30 trips for Greg and managed a group of 80 before he gave me a review.

I’m pointing this out because if you are trying to make a decision on if you can trust my service or not, Greg’s review should be all that you really need to read to make you feel comfortable.

Please make a reservation today with confidence,

Many Thanks!

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