Quick Minnesota Facts

Whether you need a car service for a business meeting and want to sound knowledge about Minneapolis or greater Minnesota, or here on vacation and want to know a little more about the state your visiting, here are some quick facts about Minnesota.

  1. Most Fortune 500 companies per capita.
  2. Most Theater Seats per capita
  3. 11,500 lakes
  4. Every 6thperson owns a boat
  5. Home to Lake Superior the largest lake in the world.
  6. Demographic 28 % German , 17 % Sweden , 11 % Irish. 18 % African American.
  7. Public education ranked 3rd in the US
  8. The 3rdmost literate State in the US
  9. Most Golfers per Capita
  10. Every House in Minneapolis is 6 blocks from a park
  11. Biking trails ranked top in the US
  12. Vikings, Twins and Timber Wolves play out of Minneapolis. The Wild out of St. Paul
  13. Mall of America is equal to 78 Football fields
  14. Tonka Trucks are made In Minnetonka
  15. Largest private Company in the World is Cargill
  16. Largest employer is the Mayo clinic. 60,000
  17. 11,000 boats on Lake Minnetonka
  18. 90,000 feet of shoreline in Minnesota.
  19. Mississippi river starts in Itasca State Park
  20. The deepest lock on the Mississippi at 50 ft. is in Minneapolis
  21. Average temp in the winter is 18 degrees
  22. Skyway System connects 56 square blocks in Minneapolis.
  23. Largest Public Company is UnitedHealth Group.
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