Beware of Going with the Cheapest Car Service

In any industry if you go with the cheapest you will sacrifice something.

In the car service industry you could be getting an outdated car, the bare minimum in insurance, drivers that are not professional, parts on vehicles replaced are after market, problems with vehicles ignored and drivers not vetted properly.

Ask yourself how would it be possible for the cheapest car service in town to have brand new cars? Buy the best brakes possible ? Pay drivers the lowest wage possible but yet attract the best drivers? Pay for drug testing ? Pay for defensive driving courses? Make all their insurance premiums on time?

All car service providers pricing are with in $10.00 to $20.00 of each other. The extra couple dollars is not greedy profit. It is to pay for the extra safety and security provided by the car service.

At White Glove car service, none of our vehicles are older than 5 years. All of the drivers are drug tested. All drivers have completed 8 hours of online defensive driving courses. All vehicles carry 3 million in insurance (double the legal minimum). Parts are replaced with OEM and top of the line brakes are used.

All of the above cost money and we do not cut corners when it comes to your experience with the quality of the vehicle or your safety and security. We might cost a couple of dollars more than our competitors but the extra couple of dollars has been invested back into you which we believe is priceless!

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